Market strategy

Aligning all the pieces of the puzzle – current and desired market position, market perception, the competition, your current capabilities, resources and goals – and coming up with a plan that can be implemented and monitored is the foundation of a successful market approach.

The steps: Define your goals; conduct internal and external assessments of current state and potential growth; map strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; develop strategy aligned with business goals; build detailed plan with timeline, accountability and benchmarks for success; obtain internal buy-in; launch.

Thought leadership

Getting your name and a basic knowledge of your services out there through all the available channels of communication – and they seem to be increasing daily – is a good thing. A great thing is going beyond the basics and sharing the insights and knowledge that your professionals add to every day.

The steps: Define areas of distinction; build editorial calendar and channel approach; create proprietary content; distribute and engage in conversation.

Finding Your Voice

Client relationship programs

Listening to your clients is essential, but it isn’t enough. Managing relationships also requires asking the right people the right questions and, most importantly, acting on the answers. A solid client relationship programs touches clients throughout their experiences with your firm.

The steps: Review your client portfolio; map the client experience reflecting touch points from initial welcome to annual review; establish client service benchmarks; develop multi-level /multi-channel client feedback program; develop approach to sharing and acting on feedback.